The Development Team

The Wharf is led by Hoffman & Associates and Madison Marquette, two accomplished mixed-use developers with national stature, unparalleled reputations, and stellar financial results.

Hoffman & Associates is one of Washington’s premier developers of urban residential and mixed-use neighborhood transformation projects. Since its formation in 1993, Hoffman & Associates has successfully completed more than 45 developments, including the first nationally recognized LEED-certified residential high-rise in Washington.

Madison Marquette is a private investment and operating company focused on infill mixed-use projects in the major and gateway markets of the United States. Madison Marquette is internationally acknowledged for its high-quality, innovative urban retail, entertainment, and mixed-use developments.

Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW) includes development partners with deep local roots—such as ER Bacon Development, City Partners, Paramount Development, and Triden Development—and has assembled a team of world-renowned architects, sustainability experts, development visionaries, and urban real estate pioneers.