Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW) is committed to building The Wharf as a sustainable neighborhood and lasting waterfront community. Our mission of supporting Washington’s waterways and improving the quality of the surrounding habitat permeates all aspects of the project.

Sustainability at The Wharf started at the master planning stage and informed every decision of development, design, construction, and operation:

  • Designed to achieve LEED® ND Gold for the entire Wharf development, and targeting LEED Gold or Silver for individual buildings
  • Exceeds many of the requirements of the District’s Green Building Act and the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative
  • Highly efficient, densely developed mixed-use neighborhood featuring residential, retail, office, and 14 acres of park and public spaces
  • Highly walkable community with easy access to public transportation
  • Robust, well-designed, and well-constructed buildings and public spaces with advanced systems and technologies
  • Timeless architecture and materials that are durable, resilient, and will age gracefully
  • Long-term builder and investor mindset for significant long-term ecological and economic benefits
  • Innovative cistern system, permeable pavements, and substantial vegetative bioretention for stormwater runoff management
  • Green roofs, 300 new trees, preservation of mature oaks, and 340 square feet of floating wetland systems
  • Multiple forms of on-site sustainable energy production and conservation, including a co-generation plant and energy-efficient lighting