Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more information about The Wharf’s Phase 2? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is the timeline for Phase 2?

Please see our construction timeline here.

How long will the surface parking lot in Phase 2 remain open?

The surface lot is currently anticipated to remain active until the start of landside construction, which is targeted for February 2019.

How will pile driving be done?

Marine and bulkhead pile driving will be accomplished through a quieter method that relies on using vibrations to drive the pile until the last five feet or so, when hammers are required to drive the piles.

How will construction vehicles access the site?

Construction vehicles’ main access point will be from Maine Avenue with very minimal traffic planned to enter the site from 6th and Water Street. Specifics are still being worked out with General Contractors and will be shared with local stakeholders through Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s (HMW) regular Community Construction Committee (CCC) meetings. Marina Way, the road between the apartment and condominium buildings (Parcel 8 and 9), will have a signalized crosswalk and intersection allowing vehicles to turn left out of The Wharf and pedestrians to cross safely.

How will Phase 2 connect to Phase 1?

Phase 2 will feature the same 60-foot promenade along the water (Wharf Street). This shared space will include an approximately 20-foot café zone adjacent to the buildings, approximately 20-foot shared zone (vehicular and pedestrian) and an approximately 20-foot promenade adjacent to the water. The Maine Avenue bicycle track in Phase 1 will also be continued in Phase 2 and will connect to the Anacostia Riverfront Trail.

Will there be parking in Phase 2?

There will be two garages in Phase 2 to accommodate the DC storm water line that runs down the middle of the site. The Green Line WMATA tunnel must also be accommodated, reducing the size of the lower garage levels. Garages will be accessible to the public via multiple ramps, elevators, and stairs.

During what hours may construction occur?

Permitted construction hours are 7am–7pm, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. Any request for extended hours, including work on DC holidays, will undergo typical approval process (approval from the ANC Commissioner, whose district covers the buildings within 500 feet of the work). HMW will inform the Community Construction Committee of any special permits issued.

What is the plan for rat/pest control?

Pest control remains a top priority, and HMW has already started the abatement process. For Phase 2 construction we will set traps, install rat netting in and around construction areas and take other possible rodent control measures. Furthermore, HMW is including provisions related to abatement responsibilities in all Phase 2 General Contractors’ (GC) contracts so that the Phase 2 GCs as well as HMW are responsible for abatement.